Light scenes faster with HDR Light Studio*

Unleash your creativity and raise image quality to the next level.

*Und nicht nur für Modo. Bei uns bekommst du HDR Light Studio natürlich auch für alle anderen 3D Tools!

HDR Light Studio – Carbon Drop 4

HDR Light Studio Carbon Drop 4 ist die akktuellste Version und beinhaltet in diesem Release:
Gamma control on Images
Tabbed Content Properties
New ways to apply Content Presets
Batch Import images as Presets

Updated Houdini Connection supports Houdini 17 

Enhanced Presets System

In Carbon Drop 3, Presets have undergone a massive overhaul, expanding to include more lighting ingredient types than ever before. We have made lighting shots faster by developing a ‘Save your own Presets’ feature, which means your favourite lighting settings can be stored, dragged and dropped in an instant, allowing for even more creativity and exploration in your lighting.

New Preset Types Explained:

Rigs are entire lighting designs containing multiple lights. They provide all the benefits of off the shelf static HDRI maps, but without the limitations. Everything is editable in HDR Light Studio, the rig is a starting point and the lighting can be properly crafted to suit your shot. HDR Light Studio ships with a collection of lighting rigs for you to explore. Rigs are a great way of seeing what is possible when using HDR Light Studio.

The Drag and drop Content Presets change the visual appearance of an existing light without changing its master and transform properties. The ability to easily switch the appearance of a light allows you to explore different lighting set-ups with speed and simplicity. In HDR Light Studio, there are 6 types of Content, and therefore, 6 types of Content Presets to choose from including BoxGrads, Bulbs, Flats, Gradients, Images and Skies.

Elements can be dragged and dropped onto your Content settings to update them in an instant. For example, if you drag and drop a Preset Value Ramp or Color Ramp onto a Gradient’s properties you can see the results you want much faster rather than building the ramps one peg at a time, every time.

Saving Presets
A major new feature we have added is the save your own User Presets: Rigs, Lights, Content and Elements. A time-saving feature that allows your favourite lighting settings to be readily available to drag and drop, and try out in an instant. The Rigs, for example, are not limited to storing entire lighting setups; if you happen to have a small collection of light sources that you use on most projects, you can store them in a rig and drag and drop the rig to add lights instantly to your current project.

You can now use Presets to organise the HDRI maps you have purchased into a library inside HDR Light Studio. This means they will always be on hand to try regardless of the 3D software you use HDR Light Studio with. We have also stored User Presets separately from the Lightmap supplied Presets, so you can save User Presets on a ‘per client’ or ‘per project’ basis.

More Preset Content
Carbon Drop 3 includes an array of additional preset content, including Backdrop Scoops and Coves, Light Tent, LightPaint Trails, Masks, Lit Tracing Paper, and many more.

Octane Standalone Connection

We have received numerous requests to create a connection for Octane Standalone to use alongside HDR Light Studio. Users love the speed, flexibility and stability of using Octane Standalone and we are pleased to include this new connection in Carbon Drop 3. The connection is very fast and supports both live HDRI map and Area Light creation and control. Octane Render view is hosted within HDR Light Studio, allowing you to paint lights directly on the final render with fast intuitive feedback.

Houdini Connection

The Houdini connection has been updated to support creation and control of area lights, and we have now included support for Redshift.

3ds Max Connection

The 3ds Max Connection now supports V-Ray Next.

“Using HDR Light Studio in combination with the real-time preview of MODO, enables me to work truly effectively. Lighting is the most critical component of achieving an attractive, realistic product image and HDR Light Studio is an essential tool in helping me do this creatively and efficiently.” 

Kaoru Toyoguchi – JVCKENWOOD

HDR Light Studio transforms your MODO lighting workflow

- Studio Lighting
- Lighting to match a back-plate image
- Adding lights/adjustments to existing HDRI maps

Creative Benefits

- Craft lighting to a higher level
- Explore more lighting treatments

User Friendly
- Puts the art back into lighting
- Easy to use with real-time feedback

- Precisely position lighting and reflections on 3D models

Commercial Benefits

Cost Effective
- Increase productivity – light shots in minutes not hours
- Image based lighting can significantly reduce render times
- Works with your existing hardware/software

Improve Quality
- HDR lighting raises image quality to the next level

Key Features

• LightPaint – click/drag on the 3D render to position lights
• Create and edit HDRI maps in real-time
• Create and position 3D HDRI Area Lights/Emitters in real-time
• Procedural lights, image based lights and procedural sky-
• Includes a large library of HDRI light source captures
• Ideal lighting solution for Physically Based Rendering
• OpenColorIO Color Management
• HDR Light Studio project is stored in the MODO scene file
• Can be used Standalone: Loads Alembic and Collada scenes

How does HDR Light Studio work with MODO?

The model has materials assigned, the camera view is setup, you are now ready to light…
1. Start HDR Light Studio from the MODO plug-in
2. Export the MODO scene into HDR Light Studio’s live 3D view
3. Paint your shot with lights in HDR Light Studio (Lights are automatically created in MODO as you light)
4. (Optional) Start interactive rendering in MODO and see the results as you light
5. To finish, HDR Light Studio generates high-res HDRI images for your lights
6. The completed MODO scene is now ready for rendering locally, or on a farm

HDR Light Studio for MODO is compatible with these renderers: Modod, Octane and V-Ray

"HDR Light Studio 5 is a great improvement over the previous version. With an improved UI, better and smarter controls and improved connectivity, it really helps speed up the complex lighting setups. We liked version 4, we got a major crush on 5!"

Fedde Souverein - Luminous Creative Imaging


• Software delivery via internet download
• Internet connection required for license activation
• HDR Light Studio software requires approx. 200MB disc space
• Preset light content requires approx. 6.2GB disc space
• CPU based, no special graphics card required
• Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux
• Compatible with MODO 902 or newer

DU brauchst HDR Light Studio für eine anderes 3D Tool?

Kein Problem wir erstellen euch das passende Angebot für z.B.
• Maya
• Cinema 4D
• Houdini
• DeltaGen
• Rhino
• SOLIDWORKS Visualize.

HDR LS 1 Jahr
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Beinhaltet die Modo Connection. Gerne könnt ihr auch HDR LS mit einer anderen Connection bestellen. Sagt uns einfach welche du brauchst.

HDR LS 1 Jahr Subscription

Beinhaltet die Modo Connection. Gerne könnt ihr auch HDR LS mit einer anderen Connection bestellen. Sagt uns einfach welche du brauchst.

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Beinhaltet die Modo Connection. Gerne könnt ihr auch HDR LS mit einer anderen Connection bestellen. Sagt uns einfach welche du brauchst.

HDR LS permanent

Beinhaltet die Modo Connection. Gerne könnt ihr auch HDR LS mit einer anderen Connection bestellen. Sagt uns einfach welche du brauchst.