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Toon Boom bietet dir alle Tools für die Erstellung von 2D Animationsfilmen, Explainer Videos, Games oder was auch immer ihr in 2D animieren möchtet.

Storyboard Pro

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro is the most powerful, user-friendly storyboarding and animatics software on the market. Storyboard artists have a full range of industry-leading tools that enable creativity and simplify time-consuming tasks. They can draw in any style using bitmap and vector tools that include textured brushes and pencils. Built-in cameras that pan, zoom and roll make it easy to frame the action across single or multiple panels. 3D capabilities help with integration into any animation pipeline, making Storyboard Pro a complete storyboard development tool.

Storyboard Pro is available on Windows and Mac OS X.


Toon Boom Harmony is the most complete and efficient solution for your animation projects, whether you are producing television, web series or film. Harmony has powerful, creative tools for every animation artist – you can draw, ink & paint, create character rigs and animate, plus do compositing and camera work all in one place.

Available on Windows and Mac OS X, Harmony can be used for traditional, paperless and cut-out productions. It’s a sophisticated and flexible tool with both bitmap and vector drawing technology, and timesaving animation deformers that provide greater control and better quality. Available in three editions, Harmony is tailored to meet your production needs.


Toon Boom Producer is an out-of-the box solution for managing animation production for film, TV and games projects. Producer is simple to set up and use and offers a broad range of tools for production tracking, review and asset management. Tight integration with Storyboard Pro and Harmony plus a flexible workflow enables managers to build, assign and track all tasks required to complete artwork. They can also set up a dashboard of live reports to see key production metrics while artists can quickly locate assets and view assigned tasks.

Producer is a web-based application installed on your server running Linux.

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